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Sea-Girt Yezo

Glimpses at Missionary Work in North Japan.

By John Batchelor

London: Church Missionary Society, 1902.


The Right Rev. Bishop Fyson

Boiling sulphur springs

Ainu boys at farming work, Hakodate Mission-school

A pathway in Japan

An Ainu bear-hunter

The man who was afraid to manure my garden

A Japanese farm labourer

An Ainu in his canoe

Port of Hakodate

Lads with goats at the Ainu school, Hakodate

Mission buildings, Otaru

Piratori Church

Hakodate, showing new church

Group taken at devotional meeting, 1899

A mountain view in Japan

Travelling in Japan

A missionary with his bicycle

A village scene

Exterior of Ainu hut

General view of Hakodate in winter

In a Japanese house: visitor saying good-bye

Japanese country-women

A blizzard in Japan

The church at Sapporo

Mr. and Mrs. Handa and Child

Japanese carpenters at work

Japanese girls carrying babies

Ainu Christian family at Piratori

Japanese children at lessons

Buddhist priests

Amida, a picture-idol

Hakodate thirty years ago

The Rev. D. T. Terata with his wife and son

A Japanese gentleman

Japanese Buddhist priest at morning prayer

Buddhist priest at prayer

Image of Buddha

A Japanese lady in winter dress

The second Hakodate church

Group of Ainu Christians and catechumens outside preaching-place, Piratori

Maria, an Ainu Christian worker

A Christian Japanese family at a meal

The Rev. J. Batchelor with Ainu

Dr. Colborne in the dispensary, Hakodate

A crippled Ainu

Hospital Rest-house, Sapporo

An Ainu with his offerings

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