Project Canterbury

Charles Perry Scott
First Bishop in North China

By the Right Reverend Bishop Montgomery, D.D.

[London] Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1928.

Appendix II. Cyril Lytton Farrar

Bishop and Mrs. Scott were most attentive to one of the sons of Dr. F. W. Farrar, afterwards Dean of Canterbury. Cyril won a place in the Chinese Imperial Customs under Sir Robert Hart and endeared himself to all who knew him. He died of consumption in the Cartwright's house, in Peking, on February 2, 1891. The whole Legation attended the funeral; Bishop Scott and F. L. Norris took the service. Cyril has left beautiful letters written from China, privately printed. Scott and I stood beside the grave in 1910. Sir Robert Hart's letters about Cyril, and also those of Bishop and Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Cartwright, and others, are a great tribute to a beautiful character.


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