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Nathaniel James Merriman


The Kafir, the Hottentot and the Frontier Farmer: Passages of Missionary Life.
London: George Bell, 1853. [External link]

On the study of Shakspeare: A Lecture.
Grahamstown: The General Institute, 1857.

Charge of the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Grahamstown at His Primary Visitation, June 24th, 1873.
Grahamstown: Richards, Glanville and Co., 1873.

Are the Missionaries Mischief-workers? A Letter.
Grahamstown: Guest, 1876.

Charge of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Grahamstown Delivered in the Cathedral Church of St. George, Grahamstown, June 29th, 1876.
Grahamstown: no publisher, 1876.

The Cape Journals of Archdeacon N.J. Merriman, 1848-1855.
Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1957.

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