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Charles Johnson of Zululand

By A. W. Lee

[no place:] The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1930.

Author's Preface

THIS book is in no sense a Life of him who forms the subject of its pages. It is an attempt, inspired by the filial affection which the author feels for the late Archdeacon Charles Johnson, to portray the man in action, and to record some portion of the vast amount of work which he accomplished, and his methods of doing it. Little attempt is made to preserve chronological order, though, naturally, the records follow the main events of his life. Nor is anything said herein regarding the sanctities of his family life. These, if they are to be made public at all, can be dealt with only by a member of his family. Nothing could be urged in excuse of the alien hand which attempted to lay them bare.

The book has been written in snatches of time pilfered from the arduous task of carrying on what the dying hand of Charles Johnson relinquished. It therefore bears the marks of frequent interruptions caused by the calls of the work he left. The charity of the reader will permit him to attribute its obvious imperfections to this cause.

But such as it is the author is bold enough to dedicate the book to the memory of that great missionary and great gentleman, Charles Johnson, who was to him in many things a father, and in all things a teacher.

A. W. L.

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