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Mauritius and Madagascar

Journals of An Eight Years' Residence in the Diocese of Mauritius, and of a Visit to Madagascar
by Vincent W. Ryan, D.D.
Bishop of Mauritius

London: Sheeley, Jackon, and Halliday, 1864.


MANY persons having expressed a desire to obtain information concerning the Diocese of Mauritius, I have thought it advisable to give a short account of the various islands comprised in it; of the distinct elements of the population; and of the progress of the operations of the Church of England amongst them. Such an account leads naturally to a description of the natives of Madagascar, of whom so many are found in Mauritius; and of the openings which have been presented for Christian efforts since the death of Queen Ranavalona, and the means employed to take advantage of them. As such an account has been called for, and is likely to be chiefly read, by those who are interested in Missionary work, the narrative of events, and the descriptions of persons and places, will be given chiefly from journals and letters written at the time. In this way it is hoped that an accurate impression will be produced of the real state of the case, and that it will be easy to mark the steps of the progress which, through God's blessing, has been made, in supplying pastoral ministration to our own people,--and in extending the Missionary operations of our Church among the representatives of many nations of Africa and Asia who are placed within our reach.

This is an appropriate occasion for me to return my earnest thanks to those kind friends out of the Diocese who have helped, by their sympathy, and prayers, and contributions, the work, of which the laity and clergy in the island itself could not adequately meet the requirements. And I mention with lively gratitude the help given by those Societies which confer so much blessing on those who receive their aid in distant lands; and concerning which we cannot doubt that they bring down on Britain the larger blessing, which belongs to those who give.

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