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Mauritius and Madagascar

Journals of An Eight Years' Residence in the Diocese of Mauritius, and of a Visit to Madagascar
by Vincent W. Ryan, D.D.
Bishop of Mauritius

London: Sheeley, Jackon, and Halliday, 1864.



Chapter I. Mauritius and the Seychelles--General Description--Language, etc.

Chapter II. First Four Years--Arrival--Residence--State of Ecclesiastical Affairs--Churches--Mahébourg--Vacoas--Belle Isle--Morne Brabant--Mariners' Chapel--Ordinations--Visit to the Seychelles--Mahti--Praslin--Ile Curieuse--Ile aux Cerfs--Return to Port Louis--Indian Christians' Association--Schools--Confirmation at Vacoas--Sarradie--Prosper--Cassis--Hurricane--Procession of Fete Dieu.

Chapter III. Visitation Tour to the Seychelles, 1859-Coetivy--Mahé--Consecration of St. Paul's--Praslin--Four Services--Peros Banhos--Chagos Islands--Salomon Islands--Six Islands--Return to Port Louis.

Chapter IV. Visit to England--Return--The Seychelles--Port Louis--Mauritius Church Association--Powder-Mills Asylum--Examination--Bishopstowe--Pamplemousses--Tour to Mahebourg--Grand River S. E.--Villebaguo--News from Madagascar--Confirmation at Vacoas--Grove Coeur--Meeting for a New Church--Laying the Foundation--Baptisms--Cholera--Visitation Tour--Mahébourg--Liberal Aid of Miss Burdett Coutts.

Chapter V. Madagascar: Events of the last Thirty Years--Malagasy Documents:--1. The Suppression of Prayer. 2. Another Account: 3. First Persecution; Arrest of Rafaravavy: 4. Death of Rasalama: 5. Death of Rafaralahy--Various Letters--Account of the Persecution of 1849--Subsequent Letters.

Chapter VI. Visit to Madagascar--Arrival at Tamatave--Journey through, the Forest--Reach Antananaravo--Interviews with the King--Native Services--Visit to the Scenes of Martyrdom--Leave-taking--Return to Tamatave--Arrival at Mauritius.

Chapter VII. Conclusion--Hurricane at Seychelles-Bourbon--Mahé--Devastations of the Storm--Praslin--Return to Port Louis.

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