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James Hannington

Peril and Adventure in Central Africa
Being Illustrated Letters to the Youngsters at Home
By the late Bishop [James] Hannington.
With Illustrations from Original Sketches by the Bishop, and a Biographical Memoir.
London: Religious Tract Society, 1886.

James Hannington, Bishop and Martyr: The Story of a Noble Life.
By Charles D. Michael.
London: S.W. Partridge, 1886. [External link]

James Hannington, First Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa: A History of His Life and Work, 1847-1885.
By Edwin Collas Dawson.
London: Seeley, 1887. [External link]

The Last Journals of Bishop Hannington, being Narratives of a Journey through Palestine in 1884 and a Journey through Masai-land and U-Soga in 1885.
London: Seeley, 1888. [External link]

Lion-hearted: The Story of Bishop Hannington's Life Told for Boys and Girls.
By Edwin Collas Dawson.
New York: Young, 1889.

Bishop Hannington and the Story of the Uganda Mission.
By William Grinton Berry.
New York: Revell, 1908. [External link]

Bishop Hannington: The Life and Adventures of a Missionary Hero.
By William Grinton Berry.
London: Religious Tract Society, 1908. [External link]

James Hannington: The Merchant's Son Who Was Martyred for Africa.
By Charles D. Michael.
London: Pickering and Inglis, 1928. [External link]

Bishop Jim: The Story of James Hannington.
By Joyce Reason.
London: Lutterworth Press 1955.

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